Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prolife supporter John Smeaton criticises Boy Scout movement for trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies!

John Smeaton at Anglican Mainstream must need unwanted pregnancies so he has a reason to protest against abortion ! He is distraught by a new Boy Scout Sexual Health Program, and believes ABSTINENCE is the only form of contraceptive that needs forcing down everyone's throat! Could it be that the Boy Scout Sexual Health Program is a major worry to conservatives because it recognises sexual diversity?
Anglican Mainstream's approach to Sex Education ... Pretend Adolescents aren't sexually active!

And when abstinence fails promote:
a) pro-life legislation
b) unwanted pregnancies
c) uneducated and abandoned teenage mothers on welfare
d) more neglected children at risk of harm
e) more disadvantaged communities with generations entrenched in poverty
And let's not forget increasing the incidence...
f) of sexually transmitted diseases
g) and pedophilia which thrives on silence and the sexual naivete of young people.

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