Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hayden Sennitt sees some benefit in being same-sex attracted...

Haydn explains to Liberty Christian Ministries Inc readers that same-sex attraction can be positive, as long as you are married to a woman. Haydn explains his point of view...For me a great benefit to having SSA is an absence of lustfulness for other women; I am sexually attracted to my wife, but not necessarily other women. And boy, there are many ‘ever straight’ men I know who wish they had that!

That's right Rock...Mrs Sennitt has nothing to worry about as long as Haydn hangs out with women!

Yes Philis...and isn't this comment a little naive...“I would like to comment on the notion that … homosexuality should not be treated as being bigger than most other issues. It should be, because it speaks to the very identity of a person. Stealing or pride do not inherently prevent me from mating and having children. They do not cripple my sense of manhood and intrinsically modify my every relationship. [Same-sex attraction] does.

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