Saturday, July 7, 2012

Calam says...reading some right wing fundamentalist Anglican trash is like sinking to the bottom of a putrid quagmire and somehow trying to find a way out of the oppressive filth

Anglican Mainstream posts that... to condemn sexual behaviour outside marriage as sin is not “homophobic” any more than to condemn adultery is “heterophobic".
You know's not healthy reading stuff written by those right wing fundamentalists like Sydney Anglicans and their GAFCON mates. When you read this stuff you enter into the twisted minds of people who believe that succumbing to hatred is the road to enlightenment. Not everyone is like Dorothy... and  able to stay sane inside insanity, when reading that stuff...Well just look at me Bill...all that negative reductionist thinking has taught me more about the devil and human sacrifice, than it has about a loving God.

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