Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Will Sydney Anglicans and Liberty Christian Ministries Inc cut ties with Exodus because Alan Chambers denounces reparative therapy and refuses to admit that same sex attraction can be crucified

Haydn Sennitt is devastated that Alan Chambers has distanced Exodus ministry from its traditional position of advocating change in sexual desire for people with unwanted same-sex attraction (USSA) through reparative therapy.

Haydn, being a highly credentialled  mental health expert says that his expertise has been heavily sought since Alan Chambers has stated that sexual orientation can't be changed. Hayden explains...
 recently I have had crucial conversations privately with those seeking my expertise on Chambers comments and decisions to gauge my response... even ministry friends of mine in non-western countries know about the controversy and have asked me about it, people whom I thought would have had no knowledge or stake in it...Perhaps Chambers and Whitten and others have been misread and interpreted the wrong way; heck it even happens to me in my job.
Haydn, further elaborates by using his own experiences to generalize others experiences by saying... In my own experience, I once thought that SSA was a part of my struggle and always would be, but then it became an entrenched part of how I saw myself and was unhealthy. God showed me in many ways that it could never be a functional part of my life and would one day overwhelm me if it wasn’t overcome. I couldn’t have two identities, just as I couldn’t have two masters. One had to die.
Haydn sees his battle with SSA as an opportunity to secure a good seat in the Heavenly playhouse, when he says ...those who overcome sin in this life before they are judged and enter into heaven will go on to receive a crown of life (Rev. 21:7).

And Haydn, like most Sydney Anglicans, takes an adversarial position when it comes to compromise, Haydn feels that Alan Chambers stance on tolerance towards the GLBTI, will give ammunition to enemies of Liberty.

Merv ... how do you crucify same-sex attraction?

Dunno  Phil... but it sure has a habit of resurrecting itself later in life!


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