Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anglican Mainstream posts the Ugley Vicar's Change Org petition aimed at maintaining misogyny within the C of E

The Ugley Vicar and his fundamentalist mates believe God made males and females in His image... but displayed a bias when choosing only heterosexual males to preach to heterosexual males. If a heterosexual male sits and listens to a woman preach, then he will absorb girlie germs and become effiminate, be exposured to sacrilegious practice, and be forced to listen to the tainted word of God. All this contamination is believed to be generational...heterosexual males ordained by heterosexual males who have been ordained by women bishops, could actually pass on this religious virus. To combat the problem, the Ugley Vicar has petitioned for misogyny, as a way of exterminating this  C of E  virus. This will enable fundamentalists to maintain discrimination and bigotry as the God's  word and provide for a destablising force within the church, which will help eradicate the equality virus.

   Not sure what the Reformation was about Bill...all sounds like the RC Church to me!
Yes and the bulk of the church population are women ...keeping the "fairer sex" as subservient dog's bodies is a serious concern...and The Global South whinge about colonialism being a thing of the past for them...what about sexism in developed countries?

Reading Anglican Mainstream is like wallowing in a filthy swamp.

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