Monday, July 23, 2012

Can London evangelicals save Sydney Anglicans?

Phillip Jensen has invited two British evangelicals to visit Sydney in mid-August. They are to speak at the to ministry intensive at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Because societal change is accelerating, Phillip needs some innovative ways to seduce the innocent into embracing misogyny, homophobia and right wing 1950's values.
Phillip Jensen, says ... We are therefore under great pressure to change the way in which we minister to adapt to our changing world, yet faithfulness to the ‘old story’ is what we are required to do. So we cannot change our message even while we are changing our methods.
Phillip believes Mr Coekin and Mr Ash, are at the forefront of ministry in the 21st-century, with  Coekin specialising in segregating the men from the women, when providing Biblical instruction regarding the flesh and the devil.

Bill...I think the horse has already bolted when Phllip Says... not even staying stationary is an option because if the world changes, our message will be misrepresented or misheard if we express it in old words, old music and old culture.

Say those Londoners write for AnglicanMainstream ... because some of those cutting edge ideas might include boycotting Sydney, plastering buses with homophobic material, organising offensive 'gay leper' conferences, and blaming the disadvantaged when becoming upset about the banker's level of white collar crime, which plummeted the world into economic crisis.

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