Saturday, July 21, 2012

How can Anglicans be taken seriously if the thinking of Anglican Mainstream and The Anglican Church League are the public voices of Anglicanism?

The Sydney Anglican Church League have seen fit to post an article written by US Baptist Albert Mohler about the massacre in Colorado. Mohler attributes the massacre to human moral evil, that was released into into the cosmos after mankind's fall from grace. Mohler says... Christians must not underestimate the potential of any human being — ourselves included — to commit moral horror. Mohler and Sydney Anglicans, at no stage consider that the civil liberitarian view of easy access to guns and ammunition, and the modelled use of violence depicted in movies, as part of man's fall from grace.
Meanwhile those at Anglican Mainstream want to promote and extend the Palestianian/ Israeli conflict by encouraging US provocative bus ads, just so they can continue to persecute gays.

Seriously Ennis...if this is Christianity, then why would you bother. All this gun slinging righteousness is great basis for animosity and war.

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