Monday, May 9, 2011

Anglican Mainstream confirms projected homophobia in the form of bigotry causes a higher incidence of cancer in gays and lesbians!

Anglican Mainstream has published a BBC health article on the higher incidence of cancer in gays and lesbians. One contributing factor cited is minority stress... Dr Boehmer said: "One common explanation for why lesbian and bisexual women report worse health compared to heterosexual women is minority stress [which] suggests lesbian and bisexual women have worse health, including psychological health due to their experiences of discrimination, prejudice, and violence."

"Hey Jesus... it's a wonder they didn't cite me as a contributing factor instead of some of your followers!"

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  1. Not so oddly, there seems to be a larger and more harmful rate of anti-LGBTI hate group sponsered abuses than exists in the heterosexual community-- heterosexuals are always getting jumped and murdered by packs of ignorant/righteous Gay people who are terrified ¨straights¨ want to have sex with them (which is more common than not).