Monday, May 23, 2011

Peter Bolt has dragged Lucifer from the underworld to support him in his stance against gay marriage!

Peter Bolt at the Sola Panel can't believe that some Christians can support gay marriage. In his attempt to sway dissenters he uses Satan to plead his case:

Sin against marriage is a key part of that inner evil that Jesus said spews out of our black hearts to cause damage in the external world

the devil opposes marriage...This must be part of his core business, since he has been at it from the beginning. When he originally lobbied to get sin into the world, he did so through the first marriage.

Meanwhile, external satanic attacks gently undermines community perceptions of the goodness of God's gifts and transforms them so that even the gift of marriage becomes viewed as a strange, restrictive, passé, or even oppressive relationship.

there are the sexually immoral, the fornicators, adulterers, the practitioners of homosexual relations, and the married who abstain from sexual relations with their wife/husband.

I guess I should not be surprised that our inner sinfulness and Satan's external willfulness has done such a good job on western society's attitudes to marriage that our language has changed like plastic—and may change further unless the Lord shows Australia some more of his famous grace and mercy

Is Peter Bolt a member of Westboro Independent Baptist Church or a Sydney Anglican? Both groups seem to enjoy featuring SATAN more than JESUS and HATE more than LOVE!


  1. Fascinating! I especially enjoy the way little Peter bolt's pleasantly hateful rant makes no mention of any of the interesting things my spies have told me concerning his own marriage,,,

    ... good thing Jesus never said anything about first looking at the log in one's own eye.

    Isn't it Peter?


  2. rubbish!
    Peter doesn't "hate" here so stop using it as your justification to do so yourself, you and your bile. And, if you did know details of his personal situation a christian wouldn't repeat them. If you heard gossip from your cohorts that's even worse. Jesus condemns gossips too.
    Looking at one's own inner log shouldn't preclude a christian speaking up courageously when necessary - by your logic no-one could ever do that. But we are actually told to bring wickedness out of the darkness where it flourishes and expose it.
    Jesus told those he forgave (ie. repenters) to "sin no more" - if that has changed tell us in your wisdom

  3. Troll, can you please give us something more substantial than those oft abused bywords "Jesus" "love".
    These are emotive but not informative.
    For example,have you any actual beliefs you would care to elaborate upon?