Monday, May 23, 2011

Anglican Mainstream has found the replacement for Bareback Mountain!

Publishers at Anglican Mainstream have trawled the internet with indignation to find a story involving an act of beastality, so they can prove that marriage between same-sex attracted individuals increases the possibility of heterosexual men leaving their wives for attractive ewes!

Bill Muehlenberg reports...
“A Swedish man in his fifties who was allegedly caught having sex with a sheep near Alings√•s in western Sweden denies being guilty of animal cruelty. In the beginning of June last year a sheep farmer and his wife heard a curious bleating sound from one of the farm’s pastures.
“When they went to investigate they were shocked to find a man engaged in sexual conduct with one of the ewes. ‘This is an unusual case. Earlier it would have been classified as bestiality but nowadays it is seen as cruelty to animals,’ Tomas Tell of the police told daily G√∂teborgsposten (GP).
“The witness reports are in themselves not enough to convict the man of cruelty to animals. Therefore a specialist veterinary surgeon has been called in from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) as an expert witness. ‘Because there were no visible injuries the prosecutor must be able to prove that the ewe has suffered from the unpleasant event,’ Tell told GP.”

Who thought Christianity was about Jesus?

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  1. It can't be easy for the inhabitants of Sydney Diocese to have so many gorgeous sheep in Australia. There's nothing like a woolly coat to tempt a fundamentalist Jensenite away from his lowly wife in favour of a snog with a lamb. God's Word says Jesus preferred sheep over goats.