Friday, May 27, 2011

Evangelicals be gone!

You know that the worldwide Anglican communion is doomed when leaders make quotes like this...
The House of Bishops sought legal advice to discover whether it would be illegal to deny John a job. A briefing in December from the Church House legal department appears to state that though it would be illegal to discriminate against him because he is a celibate gay person, it was perfectly in order to discriminate against him because there are Christians who cannot accept gay people.

The lack of procedural fairness and covert prejudical practice by Rowan Williams, reinforces the existing nonsense spewed out by evangelicals.
Evangelical crap is soul destroying, limits spiritual growth, causes anger and hostility, promotes stupidity and regressive thinking, and fuels prejudice and hatred. More importantly, it makes the Christian message sound like it was delivered by a stupid retrograde bigot!

For the preservation of sanity, humanity and the belief that scripture was designed to liberate, Calamity Jane can no longer read anymore nonsense written by irrational and illogical self - serving evangelicals.

To manipulate doctrine and deny procedural fairness and declare it authentic Christianity, serves only the evangelical purpose... to service its own needs for power and control and sacrifice the basic human rights of EQUALITY, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, SAFTEY and POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH.

I reclaim my energy by denying an evangelical even one more second of my time.

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  1. Evangelicals may be nasty, but they provide endless hours of laughter. Please don't stop commenting on them Ms Calamity. They hate being ignored.