Friday, May 6, 2011

Michael Nazir-Ali speaks...

is generally backward-looking. That is to say, it is looking back, not just with nostalgia but with political, social and economic programmes in mind, to the origins of the particular tradition to which it belongs. It is usually suspicious of religious plurality and is prepared to countenance the existence of other faiths in only the most restricted circumstances.

One has to look no further than Anglican Mainstream to verify the Gafcon agenda... homophobia and misogyny...not to mention Islamphobia.

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  1. What? Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali isn´t preaching to the flock, and saving souls in Pakistan? I understood that´s why he fled the heathens at the Diocese of Rochester, CoE, in order to spend more time Evangelizing the suffering at home. The Bishop ought develop all his personal/natural resources for the greater good of The Anglican Communion.