Friday, May 6, 2011

Phillip Jensen speaks of the political incorrectness and social engineering, when those without penises join the workforce.

Phillip says... Biology is not destiny but biology does delimit destiny. My desire to be an elite athlete will be tempered by my inadequate biology. My desire to change my career path into a more physically challenging activity will be tempered by my age. And when it comes to women, the biology of reproduction has some fairly strong limits.

Thinking in a 'Biblical Calvinist Counter Intuitive' way (aka literal Bible reading), Phillip is right... so liberate women so they can get multiple jobs to pay the bills and mortgage, and keep the male barefoot and pregnant. Everyone knows men have trouble multi-tasking... OR follow the Sydney male Calvinist example and secure the family's future by borrowing against the family home and punting it on the stock exchange!

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