Friday, May 13, 2011

Rowan shows that he can speak for God too!

Rowan writes a letter to a 6 year old about God...But there was nothing and nobody around before me to invent me. Rather like somebody who writes a story in a book, I started making up the story of the world and eventually invented human beings like you who could ask me awkward questions!’
And then he’d send you lots of love and sign off.
I know he doesn’t usually write letters, so I have to do the best I can on his behalf. Lors of love from me too.

+Archbishop Rowan

Sydney anglicans were conspicuous by the absence of this article on both the Sydney Anglicans and The Anglican Church League websites, yet their bias in reporting made sure that the articles were published denigrating the head of their church. Of course Phillip Jensen knows more about God's word than Rowan Williams.
Let's Ask Phillip... There can be few tasks more Christ like than giving up ourselves to care for little children (Mark 10:14).

What is more Jesus like... treating children with respect and kindness or spreading hatred, bigotry and telling children about hell.

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