Sunday, May 22, 2011

Michael Jensen fails to speak about Marrickville's courageous political stance and instead only speaks of Marrickville people as being unhappy!

When Michael Jensen speaks of unhappiness in the people of Marrickville, he fails to elaborate on how euphoric it is to oppress the marginalised, as demonstrated by Sydney Anglican sexual apartheid policy; a process whereby LGBT people and women, who seek equality are weeded out of the diocese.
He's also remiss in saying, that some people in Marrickville put their necks out to support the repressed in Gaza. Some risked their reputations and faced verbal threats of harm because of their committment to social justice. The Sydney Anglican website was conspicious in its omission of the Marrickville Council's role in highlighting the abuse of Palestinians in Gaza. Does its silence support apartheid in Israel and condone threats against those with a social conscience; just like it supports the victimisation of LGBT people through its committment to GAFCON?

Gene Robinson and Jeffery John

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  1. The more I read from that charming little Archie Pullhorse character to whom you link here and elsewhere, the more I am convinced Dobby Ould is really quite liberal by Mordor's standards. All of which strongly indicates that neither of them, nor little Crown Prince Michael and the rest of his gene pool, would have the slightest idea of what happiness is - not even if it came up and bit them upon that part of their anatomy of which they are all obviously profoundly insecure.