Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SEX makes Sydney Anglicans tick!

Raj Gupta at Sydney Anglicans, critiques an Australian social commentator Hugh Mackay. MacKay's research shows that there are 10 categories that make Australian's (with the exception of Sydney Anglican's) tick. These are:
1. The desire to be taken seriously.
2. The desire for ‘my [physical] place’.
3. The desire for something to believe in.
4. The desire to connect.
5. The desire to be useful.
6. The desire to belong.
7. The desire for more.
8. The desire for control.
9. The desire for something to happen.
10. The desire for love.
But Sydney Anglican Raj, points out that MacKay has left out SEX!
Raj says...
No sex? Yes, that’s right. Sex per se is not listed as one of the 10 desires that make us tick. The introduction explains that sex is predominantly used to satisfy other desires.

Yes Raj, SEX is generally used as an expression of romantic love. Unlike many in Australia, Sydney Anglicans don't understand romantic love; they see any kind of sexual relationship as perverse, and expect everyone to live like them. They promote companionship and deny same-sex attraction by promoting post-gay/heterosexual marriage as a cure for same-sex attraction. Just click the book in the link to read the tragic stories of men and women battling same - sex urges, whilst being trapped in an unhappy marriage!
Other categories that set Sydney Anglicans apart from the rest of the Australian population are:
1. they have no need to be taken seriously
2.have absolutely no desire to belong and connect with the Australian Anglican Church
3.Have no desire to be useful
4.the desire for more is paramount, causing them to become compulsive gamblers

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