Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bob Katter's gay half brother speaks about how hurt he is by his brother's homophobia!

Queensland Independent MP, Bob Katter has been called out by his own flesh and blood over comments he made at an anti-same-sex marriage rally in the Great Hall of Parliament last Tuesday.
Carl Katter, Bob Katter’s gay younger half brother spoke to Channel Ten’s George Negus about what he said was the homophobia coming from the anti-same-sex marriage camp in Australia in recent times, which was something he had to speak out against when he was so fond of this country.
Carl said whenever he saw his brother on the news he turned him off, but the comments he had made were “hurtfull.”
“It’s dangerous, it’s damaging and it’s really inappropriate,” Carl said, “[He] doesn’t give any support to his argument by perpetuating hate.”

Ain't some religious folk just the dandiest? I mean such loving Godly folk who just want to protect God's literal word by harming others.
Well Ennis you know God needs protection from gays and lesbians and that's why these wholesome evangelicals have the responsibility of purging society of people like us.

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