Friday, August 5, 2011

Phillip Jensen linked to a Camperdown brothel!

Richard, is that Phillip Jensen' voice I hear...
Some years ago I deposited a small amount of money in a building society. It was taken over by a larger building society, which was then turned into a bank. This turned my small investment into shares. When my bank was taken over by another bigger bank I became a shareholder in the old Bank of New South Wales currently called Westpac. The bank does not consult with its minor shareholders about its investments. So it was only when reading the newspaper I discovered that Westpac is the principle financial backer of the brothel in Camperdown.
Julia...I wonder if he cared about whose money it was, when The Sydney Anglican Diocese borrowed $260 million to gamble on the stock market?

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  1. Where dd you get that lovely photo of Mrs Jensen? I wish I belonged to a bank which supplies clients with such a rate of interest. There can't be many evangelical minsters who have bought their own personal tart.