Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christian tough man says "I do" to same-sex marriage!

Fr Dave Smith of Dulwich Hill is one Sydney Anglican who has spoken out in defence of same-sex marriage. Fr Dave says...From a Christian point of view, marriage is an institution designed to serve two social needs – [to] contribute broadly to social stability [and to] provide a stable environment for the nurturing of children... If this is the case then the only questions Christians need to concern themselves with when it comes to the issue of gay marriage are … Would gay marriage lead to greater social stability, [and] Would a married gay partnership be likely to provide a more secure environment for the nurturing of the children of a gay couple than an unmarried one?

Read more of what Fr Dave and others have to say at the Australian Christians say "I Do" to marriage equality site and sign the petition telling your Federal Parliamentarian that "you do" too!

Are you sure that Fr Dave is a dinky di Sydney Anglican... I mean where's his homophobia? I heard he even fights for the rights of Palestinians in Gaza!
Well as far as I know he was brought up a Sydney Anglican and even had Sydney Anglican parents. Is the 'Battle Hymn of The Republic' a Sydney Anglican favourite because it drives you mad when you try to listen to anything else on his website!

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