Monday, August 29, 2011

Sydney Anglican Diocese's considers selling St Andrew's Tower to pay for gambling debts!

Sydney Anglicans borrowed $260 million to gamble on the stock exchange...yes borrowed $260 million! They lost $160 million of that money and are now struggling financially. They wanted to sell the residence of the Archbishop but the Synod did not agree to the sale, so now they are looking to sell the building that towers over St Andrew's Cathedral.
Terrible thing gambling! Those Sydney Anglicans want a man committed to gambling reform on their committee, not one that mouths off about the poor losing money they own! I suppose wagering on the stock market with money that's not your own is not gambling! And they are probably right... it sounds more like pawning someone else's property!
Personally I think St Andrew's Tower would make a great casino! Those Anglican Church League boys could continue to have a little flutter! Some of those artifacts in St Andrew's Cathedral could be used as capital! Ooooh ... is that what happened to the alter?


  1. It would be more cost-effective to close the Cathedral and abolish Sydney Diocese.

  2. But they need a base from which to work...remember their aim is to ruin the world wide Anglican Church, eventhough they're not Anglicans!