Monday, August 8, 2011

British Comedian Frank Skinner says he wants to play game of quidditch with the Archbishop of Canterbury

Popular comic, Frank Skinner is due to be interviewed by Dr Rowan Williams. Frank thinks there’s not enough religious people around any more. He said, I think the PR has been pretty bad and people don’t seem to like religion now, but they like Harry Potter... I think we need to get that back, so perhaps the Archbishop and I should have a game of Quidditch to mark the occasion... I want people to know that it’s OK to be religious and also have a laugh, play football and swear a bit too.

What would Frank Skinner know about PR? Evangelicals can't find Bible verses that approve of laughter and fun... let alone swearing? The Bible is about SEX. Phew! I can smell an odour that needs exterminating... bring on the dementors! Ah, ha ha, ha, ha!

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