Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liberty Christian Ministries has a new face and a new ACRONYM




Liberty Christian Ministries Inc states it does not:
. promise or practise therapy... it recommends people seek professional help where appropriate
. does not support or advocate homophobia and anti-gay leaves that up to Sydney Anglicans
. draws upon the vast knowledge of Sydney Anglican homosexualist expert Dr David Petersen to support USSA
. does not believe that same-sex attractions can be ‘cured’ or ‘fixed’, particularly in an instantaneous fashion...The web site goes on to say There is no guarantee in Scripture that homosexual desire will simply ‘go away’, although this has been known to happen
Having said the above... Haydn says that On July 30 2011, one of the ‘ex-gay’ healing ministries affiliated with Liberty hosted a conference about Christianity and homosexuality named ‘Someone I Know Is Gay’. A number of speakers, including myself, attended the event. One of the other speakers was Dr. Trevor, a former member of Liberty’s committee and a practicing G.P. Dr. Trevor (Hunter -pages 10 and 145) himself does not struggle with USSA, but his involvement in the establishment of Liberty and involvement in this key ministry has been substantial.
The revamped website promotes support groups which use addiction therapies when treating same-sex attraction. These organisations include Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Overcomers Outreach. Overcomers Outreach was started in Australia by Phillip Jensen at St Andrews Cathedral.

What!!! Phillip Jensen a health care professional!!! Overcomers Outreach hasn't helped him with his compulsive need to hear his own voice!!!
I wonder if Phillip deals with heterosexual adulters the same way? He's obviously killing the sexual urge with addiction therapies... wouldn't mutilation of the genitals be easier?


  1. It is time for Phillip Jensen's tongue to be circumcised.