Friday, August 26, 2011

Michael Jensen critiques the Seven Deadly Sins of The Sydney Anglican Diocese

Michael Jensen sees the art of Godly church politics as involving :

Sin 1. Become a member of a political lobby group so you can tear your opponents apart but pretend that the use of prestige, power and money is not used as a means to an end!

Sin 2. Be aware that addiction to power is like addiction to pornography, so pretend there is no a malevolence of intent by saying "I'm doing it for Calvin!"

Sin 3. Include women as well as men, and the young as well as the old, but keep the Complementarian theme happening, to ensure women's subservience because we don't want any real female leadership. That's why it's OK to cite Anglicans Together because there basically inactive, and make sure you don't mention MOWatch!

Step 4. Talk about making Synod structures and processes accessible to those who are disadvantaged by lack of mates, lack of legal knowledge, lack of rhetorical skill, or ethnic background... but make sure your Uncle and his mates get to speak at every chance!

Sin 5. Overcome the paradigm of winners and losers by purifying the diocese of any diversity of thought, that way we don't have to deal with the vulgars of triumphalism or the suspects being vilified as disloyal, unGodly or shameless!

Sin 6. Prioritise persuasion over results, so make sure everything at Synod is scripted. Make sure that most who speak in opposition to your motion are your own supporters who are groomed in dialogue ...just so it looks more natural! It would be too obvious to steamroll the synodical process with only a token amount of debate and airing of views.

Sin 7. Don't use spiritualised and quasi-pious language to silence dissent or to manipulate the church political process... just use literal Bible verses or the man made Complementarian view of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, to shoot your opponents down in flames! No matter what... prevent the Holy Spirit from getting involved because there might actually be a debate, and Michael's father might actually lose control of the Synod!

Archbishop wont lose control of the Synod... there's always lawyers ... a point of order... and security guards to eject the passionate riff raff! It's a good thing that the riff raff didn't get to hold the Archbishop accountable for gambling church money!

Merv did you read Karin Sowada's comments at the bottom of the article... she says that women are basically ignored within the Sydney Diocese? Well what does she expect...she should heed Phillip Jensen's call about womanhood, instead of being an ambitious hussy!

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