Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nobel Wolf reports a story of a very naive gay man who walked into the Anglican Cathedral in Sydney seeking acceptance...

Get out, and stay out!

Noble Wolf posted that a gay man who moved to Sydney made an appointment to speak with someone at the Sydney cathedral . The gay man said ...I think he couldn't wait to get me out of his office. His opinion was along the lines of, 'It's really wrong: don't do it and don't expect any acceptance here if you do'. So that was fine, I walked out of there.
As it turns out the gay man dropped out of church attendance and lived a precarious life while in Sydney and attempted suicide.

Well what did he expect? Everyone knows that fine upstanding Anglican Church Leaguers like us can't have riff raff like gays and feminists in our church! Shamelessness that's what we call it!


  1. This guy was very polite and docile-- I´m afraid my ¨volcano¨ would have erupted in a very firey way--such idiotas at the diocese of Sydney don´t even have the wisdom to lead with a shred of dignity (forget integrity). Leonardo Ricardo

  2. You and me both, Leonardo but we are older:-) and much more secure in the knowledge that God accepts us as we are and in the great diversity he created us. Fortunately this young man had earlier visited an unnamed NZ cathedral and received a much more accepting response. By the Grace of God he has now returned to NZ and worships in a welcoming and accepting parish. Yet the creatures of the Sydney Diocese attempt to proselytise in several New Zealand dioceses, which they regard as heretical, with their message of hate. Millstones come to my mind.