Monday, August 8, 2011

Sydney Calvinist and tautologist Michael Jensen declares ... Scripture is a historical book embedded in history!

Michael Jensen adjudicates a debate between Baptist preachers Carson and Piper. They debate the issue around the need for having historical background knowledge, when understanding the Bible. Calvinist Michael Jensen comments that Scripture is a historical book means that it must be embedded in history. But Michael's Calvinist Judgement blurs as his commentry takes on logic. Michael adds... Scripture is not a collection of abstract teachings or principles. It relates to real events in the real world; and it emerges from those events. It tells us a great deal about the kind of message it conveys that this is so.

Don't worry Michael, I'll save you from the sinfulness of liberalism. In August I will breathe life back into you, with statements like 'Scripture must interpret Scripture'... but in the meantime turn to the great Calvinist tautologist, Mark Thompson and talk Theological Theology!

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