Sunday, August 21, 2011

Haydn Sennit is dealing with LGBT people and telling them that they are not born gay, and that even if they were it is no excuse to live in sin!

Haydn Sennit at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, has moved from being someone who looks after the pastoral care of same-sex attracted Christians, to a political activist for the Sydney Anglican diocese in fighting to keep same-sex attracted out of Christianity. Haydn reviews Joe Dallas' book called A Strong Delusion. Haydn claims that the gay rights movement became of age by infiltrating its agenda into the American Psychological Association and in silencing its biggest critic, the Church.
Haydn states... Dallas conclusion, as is mine, is that one cannot be gay and Christian, because both of those identities clash, that noone is born gay, and that even if they were it is no excuse to live in sin. Scripture is very clear that sexual sin is sinning against one’s own body (1 Corinth. 6:18) and that Christians are not to have fellowship with any person who calls themself a Christian but is living in sexual sin.

Yes and of course the church would know more about mental health and sexual identity than the American Psychological Association.

Gee I'm glad Haydn's not a woman or we may still be battling to get the right to vote!
Yes and if he'd been black then I might still have bee a slave!

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  1. Given the record of little Haydn's predecessors (not to mention his own amusingly erratic history with the cult of Mordor) we can safely say it will be at most 2 years before the fresh-faced lad burns out and/or caught with his pants down in circumstances God isn't nearly as obsessed with as those whom have taught Haydn to hate himself would have us all believe.