Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to Liberty Homophobic Christian Ministries Inc ...we specialise in the bigot's 'Theology of Sexuality', which we pass off as pastorial care.

We offer support to men and women who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions (USSA) who have been vilified by members of the local church and wider Sydney Anglican community. We subtly work against the inclusion of those in same-sex relationships, by promoting the bigot's view to the "Theology of Sexuality". We don't really want gays contaminating our congregations, or becoming members of the clergy elite, and we certainly don't want them to be happy or enjoying married life with someone they really love. Our aim is to promote propaganda by preaching to church congregations about the sinfulness of same-sex relationships. We encourage LGBT people to despise themselves and convert to bigotry and discrimination in the name of Jesus Christ. When the sterilisation process is complete and celibacy is embraced, or the post-gay status of ruining other people's lives by marrying someone from the opposite sex is in place, then and only then, will the Sydney Anglican diocese accept this minority into its community.
You know they're sick b*******s these Sydney Anglicans! I mean to use the Bible to vilify people in the name of God, and create such trauma within people, that they hate themselves and suppress their feelings... is nothing short of sick!
Yeah, and what about all the misleading stuff told to people in the congregation about sexual orientation? You know...all the homophobic hysteria and ignorance they propagate; and the self harm and suicides that result from the day to day battle LGBT people have trying to repress their feelings! Sick b******s alright... but really what would you expect from a group who aligned themselves with African countries that sought to introduce the death penality for LGBT people? They are group so compassionless that they remained silent when the rest of the world protested this cruelty!

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