Tuesday, August 30, 2011

US Christians seek to reintroduce the criminalisation of homosexual acts!

A spokesman for the conservative Christian group the American Family Association (AFA) has called for the reinstatement of laws criminalising homosexuality in the US.

And then they can reintroduce slavery and turn back women's rights! I wonder when they will criminaslise bigotry?

Satan accuses Phillip Jensen of lying...and Phillip Jensen says the best kind of lie is one with maximum truth and minimum error!

According to Phillip Jensen, Satan says that Phillip is a guilty sort of person who is beyond redemption.

As an accused liar, is my lie one with a small amount or a lot of truth in it?
Now Satan you know I died for Phillip's salvation... just so he can spend unlimited amounts of time talking rubbish about you, and spreading his type of Christian bigotry world wide!

Monday, August 29, 2011

NZ out to legalise love.

Pro same-sex marriage supporters in New Zealand are out to march on Parliament House on October 20. LegaliseLove is a campaign working towards two things: marriage equality and adoption rights for non-heterosexual New Zealanders.

Gee Ellie, I hope Lisa Nolland doesn't see this... she'll have this photo plastered all over the Anglican Mainstream website!

Sydney Anglican Diocese's considers selling St Andrew's Tower to pay for gambling debts!

Sydney Anglicans borrowed $260 million to gamble on the stock exchange...yes borrowed $260 million! They lost $160 million of that money and are now struggling financially. They wanted to sell the residence of the Archbishop but the Synod did not agree to the sale, so now they are looking to sell the building that towers over St Andrew's Cathedral.
Terrible thing gambling! Those Sydney Anglicans want a man committed to gambling reform on their committee, not one that mouths off about the poor losing money they own! I suppose wagering on the stock market with money that's not your own is not gambling! And they are probably right... it sounds more like pawning someone else's property!
Personally I think St Andrew's Tower would make a great casino! Those Anglican Church League boys could continue to have a little flutter! Some of those artifacts in St Andrew's Cathedral could be used as capital! Ooooh ... is that what happened to the alter?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Archie Poulos says the church is a leprechaun amongst media giants!

Archie compares the church to a leprechaun when he says... I am convinced that the church will always be seen as unimpressive, small and weak – no matter what the reality because the assessors are looking in the wrong places.
The church is always marginalized by mainstream media... the church is assessed by what it does on a community or national scale.

So Fiona now I get it...Sydney Anglicans feel like leprechauns, so to make themselves feel big and important, they then pick on minorities like women and GLBT people!

Michael Jensen critiques the Seven Deadly Sins of The Sydney Anglican Diocese

Michael Jensen sees the art of Godly church politics as involving :

Sin 1. Become a member of a political lobby group so you can tear your opponents apart but pretend that the use of prestige, power and money is not used as a means to an end!

Sin 2. Be aware that addiction to power is like addiction to pornography, so pretend there is no a malevolence of intent by saying "I'm doing it for Calvin!"

Sin 3. Include women as well as men, and the young as well as the old, but keep the Complementarian theme happening, to ensure women's subservience because we don't want any real female leadership. That's why it's OK to cite Anglicans Together because there basically inactive, and make sure you don't mention MOWatch!

Step 4. Talk about making Synod structures and processes accessible to those who are disadvantaged by lack of mates, lack of legal knowledge, lack of rhetorical skill, or ethnic background... but make sure your Uncle and his mates get to speak at every chance!

Sin 5. Overcome the paradigm of winners and losers by purifying the diocese of any diversity of thought, that way we don't have to deal with the vulgars of triumphalism or the suspects being vilified as disloyal, unGodly or shameless!

Sin 6. Prioritise persuasion over results, so make sure everything at Synod is scripted. Make sure that most who speak in opposition to your motion are your own supporters who are groomed in dialogue ...just so it looks more natural! It would be too obvious to steamroll the synodical process with only a token amount of debate and airing of views.

Sin 7. Don't use spiritualised and quasi-pious language to silence dissent or to manipulate the church political process... just use literal Bible verses or the man made Complementarian view of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, to shoot your opponents down in flames! No matter what... prevent the Holy Spirit from getting involved because there might actually be a debate, and Michael's father might actually lose control of the Synod!

Archbishop wont lose control of the Synod... there's always lawyers ... a point of order... and security guards to eject the passionate riff raff! It's a good thing that the riff raff didn't get to hold the Archbishop accountable for gambling church money!

Merv did you read Karin Sowada's comments at the bottom of the article... she says that women are basically ignored within the Sydney Diocese? Well what does she expect...she should heed Phillip Jensen's call about womanhood, instead of being an ambitious hussy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When the Australian Newspaper publishes headlines such as... "Electoral surveys snub gay marriage" then it insinuates that LGBT people are

to be real citizens with equal rights!

You know Ennis...when religious people post headlines like this on their websites, then I feel as though God hates me!
Jake, God ain't doing the bidding... it's God's so called
representatives that see us as flawed. Anyway what would the church have to define itself without the traditional family unit? We all know Jesus was all about the traditional family unit... what with him wandering about politicking for equality with his Apostle mates, and those women who were included in his company but marginalised by the church.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bob Katter's gay half brother speaks about how hurt he is by his brother's homophobia!

Queensland Independent MP, Bob Katter has been called out by his own flesh and blood over comments he made at an anti-same-sex marriage rally in the Great Hall of Parliament last Tuesday.
Carl Katter, Bob Katter’s gay younger half brother spoke to Channel Ten’s George Negus about what he said was the homophobia coming from the anti-same-sex marriage camp in Australia in recent times, which was something he had to speak out against when he was so fond of this country.
Carl said whenever he saw his brother on the news he turned him off, but the comments he had made were “hurtfull.”
“It’s dangerous, it’s damaging and it’s really inappropriate,” Carl said, “[He] doesn’t give any support to his argument by perpetuating hate.”

Ain't some religious folk just the dandiest? I mean such loving Godly folk who just want to protect God's literal word by harming others.
Well Ennis you know God needs protection from gays and lesbians and that's why these wholesome evangelicals have the responsibility of purging society of people like us.

Study shows that those with a higher level of education do not convert to evangelical Protestant denominations.

A study published in the journal Review of Religious Research found disaffiliating, or dropping religion altogether, was not a popular option for highly educated Americans -- in fact, having a greater level of education was associated most often with converting to mainline, non-evangelical Protestant denominations.
The study also found that higher levels of education eroded Americans' viewpoints that their specific religion is the "one true faith" and that the Bible is the literal word of God, but education was positively associated with belief in the afterlife.
"The results suggest that highly educated Americans are not opposed to religion -- even religious leaders stating political opinions," Schwadel said in a statement. "But they are opposed to what may be perceived as religion being forced on secular society."

Well I'm a Sydney Anglican fundamentalist who listens to Phillip Jensen and I'm living proof that evangelicals are stupid!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

People from the Exodus foundation apologise for the damage they have done to LGBT people, when saying their sexual orientation could be changed

Thank you to Fr Christian Troll who has provided this video explaining the damage that has been done to LGBT people by misguided Christians who sought to change the sexual orientation of other people, so they could become Christians. The video is produced by Soulforce.

What is Liberty Christian Ministries Inc anyway?

It's the Sydney Anglican diocese's way of protecting their religious liberty to discriminate against LGBT people, and make it look like they really care by adding an origami bird to the website!

Bob Katter and Peter Jensen have a lot in common?

MP Bob Katter and Sydney Anglican Archbishop have something in common...they both purge their organisations of gays and lesbians. Bob Katter will not endorse a candidate in his new Australian Party if they do not discriminate against LGBT people. Similarly, Peter Jensen also purges his Anglican community of gay and lesbian riff-raff and exports his intolerance across the world.
And I thought they were just both 'mad as cut snakes'!

Do they say that about Peter Jensen as well... I thought he'd best be described as a misogynist and homophobe!

Haydn Sennit is dealing with LGBT people and telling them that they are not born gay, and that even if they were it is no excuse to live in sin!

Haydn Sennit at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, has moved from being someone who looks after the pastoral care of same-sex attracted Christians, to a political activist for the Sydney Anglican diocese in fighting to keep same-sex attracted out of Christianity. Haydn reviews Joe Dallas' book called A Strong Delusion. Haydn claims that the gay rights movement became of age by infiltrating its agenda into the American Psychological Association and in silencing its biggest critic, the Church.
Haydn states... Dallas conclusion, as is mine, is that one cannot be gay and Christian, because both of those identities clash, that noone is born gay, and that even if they were it is no excuse to live in sin. Scripture is very clear that sexual sin is sinning against one’s own body (1 Corinth. 6:18) and that Christians are not to have fellowship with any person who calls themself a Christian but is living in sexual sin.

Yes and of course the church would know more about mental health and sexual identity than the American Psychological Association.

Gee I'm glad Haydn's not a woman or we may still be battling to get the right to vote!
Yes and if he'd been black then I might still have bee a slave!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anglican Church League posts that ‘marriage equality’ will effectively destroy marriage as a meaningful element of our common life.

Sydney Anglican Andrew Cameron posts on the Anglican Church League website that It is always difficult to address same-sex issues without being sidelined as homophobic or out-of-date, or without appearing to unfairly single out those people who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual, but in the next breath singles out GLBT as not really having the right to marry by saying...‘marriage equality’ simply demands that all who want to be called ‘married’ should be given what they want. But such a move will effectively destroy marriage as a meaningful element of our common life.

Whose common life is Andrew talking about?
Well it would be his own and his Sydney Calvinist mates because they believe that everybody in the world is like them, even other Christians!

Yes girls, that's one thing a Sydney Anglican can't do... that's walk in another's shoes!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Phillip Jensen psychoanalyses Satan!

Phillip Jensen carries out a study on Satan's behaviour and comes up with a diagnosis of pathological liar. Because Satan doesn't have a need to dress up or carry a pitchfork, Phillip declares that it is his sense of powerlessness, and not attention seeking behaviour that underpins his condition.

Feeling mixed up? Umm...well if I didn't know that you were 'fallen' and therefore sexually broken, then I would have said you were definately post-gay!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to Liberty Homophobic Christian Ministries Inc ...we specialise in the bigot's 'Theology of Sexuality', which we pass off as pastorial care.

We offer support to men and women who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions (USSA) who have been vilified by members of the local church and wider Sydney Anglican community. We subtly work against the inclusion of those in same-sex relationships, by promoting the bigot's view to the "Theology of Sexuality". We don't really want gays contaminating our congregations, or becoming members of the clergy elite, and we certainly don't want them to be happy or enjoying married life with someone they really love. Our aim is to promote propaganda by preaching to church congregations about the sinfulness of same-sex relationships. We encourage LGBT people to despise themselves and convert to bigotry and discrimination in the name of Jesus Christ. When the sterilisation process is complete and celibacy is embraced, or the post-gay status of ruining other people's lives by marrying someone from the opposite sex is in place, then and only then, will the Sydney Anglican diocese accept this minority into its community.
You know they're sick b*******s these Sydney Anglicans! I mean to use the Bible to vilify people in the name of God, and create such trauma within people, that they hate themselves and suppress their feelings... is nothing short of sick!
Yeah, and what about all the misleading stuff told to people in the congregation about sexual orientation? You know...all the homophobic hysteria and ignorance they propagate; and the self harm and suicides that result from the day to day battle LGBT people have trying to repress their feelings! Sick b******s alright... but really what would you expect from a group who aligned themselves with African countries that sought to introduce the death penality for LGBT people? They are group so compassionless that they remained silent when the rest of the world protested this cruelty!

Haydn Sennit votes to keep Bert and Ernie Gay Free aka known as heterosexual or post-gay!

Haydn states at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, that Sydney Morning Herald readers are pro - gay and he finds it staggering that adults can be so morally compromised that they will read homosexuality and any other types of deviant sexual expression into something as innocent as children’s programmes.

And I find it staggering that a man who fights same-sex attraction himself, would deny others the right to declare themselves Christian because they fall in love with a member of the same sex. I suppose that's nothing to encouraging men who battle same sex attraction to marry sexually inexperienced Christian woman, so they can overcome their brokeness in the presence of judgemental Christians and pretend to be a holier than thou, whole heterosexual Christian! Oooh I forgot... Haydn is a Sydney Anglican and women are expected to be subordinate to their husbands no matter what!

Sign the Get Up Same-Sex Marriage Petition

Please click here to sign the Australian Petition in favour of same-sex marriage.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christian tough man says "I do" to same-sex marriage!

Fr Dave Smith of Dulwich Hill is one Sydney Anglican who has spoken out in defence of same-sex marriage. Fr Dave says...From a Christian point of view, marriage is an institution designed to serve two social needs – [to] contribute broadly to social stability [and to] provide a stable environment for the nurturing of children... If this is the case then the only questions Christians need to concern themselves with when it comes to the issue of gay marriage are … Would gay marriage lead to greater social stability, [and] Would a married gay partnership be likely to provide a more secure environment for the nurturing of the children of a gay couple than an unmarried one?

Read more of what Fr Dave and others have to say at the Australian Christians say "I Do" to marriage equality site and sign the petition telling your Federal Parliamentarian that "you do" too!

Are you sure that Fr Dave is a dinky di Sydney Anglican... I mean where's his homophobia? I heard he even fights for the rights of Palestinians in Gaza!
Well as far as I know he was brought up a Sydney Anglican and even had Sydney Anglican parents. Is the 'Battle Hymn of The Republic' a Sydney Anglican favourite because it drives you mad when you try to listen to anything else on his website!

Aussie MP rallying against same-sex marriage says...Gay is one of the most beautiful words … no-one should have the right to take that word off us.

Australian MP Bob Katter got $2700 for his hat, when he auctioned it at a protest rally against same-sex marriage.

Ennis... do you reckon those same people would pay $2700 for our hats?
Not on your life Jack, not even for charity...they reckon people like us would encourage unions between pedophiles and children

Sydney Star Observer states...US conservative commentator Rebecca Hagelin reportedly told a crowd of a few hundred people who had paid $30 a head to attend the event that if same-sex marriage were legalised then “anything … could be called marriage” – using the examples of group marriages and marriage between children and paedophiles.
Hagelin said there was “no greater evil” in the world than supporters of same-sex marriage and that they were engaging in a “war for the future of the human race”.

Allowing same-sex couples to marry could lead to the acceptance of polygamy and incest.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Unlike Sydney Anglicans, the majority of Christians in Australia are in favour of same-sex marriage...and that includes some clergy!

Sydney Star Observer posted the results of a survey which showed that not all Christians in Australia discriminated against lesbians and gays. There were even members of the clergy who spoke up for the issue of equality, whilst Sydney Anglican Sandy Grant encouraged Sydney Anglicans (aka extreme rightwing Baptists) to write to their MP protesting same-sex marriage.
Bernie, it's a shame that Sydney Anglicans like Sandy Grant can't be happy for us. All we want is to be as proud of our relationship as he is of his.
Joe, they say it's all about the children...it's a wonder they didn't blame same-sex marriage for the London riots!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is the Archbishop of Canterbury a Soothsayer?

The Archbishop of Canterbury criticised Britian's involvement in the Iraq invasion and the Coalition welfare policies. Prime Minister Cameron severely criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury for his comments, eventhough the Archbishop appeared to be in tune with community vibes.

Wouldn't Rowan Williams be better off going into politics? What's he doing trying to manage a bunch of bigots?

Blue-collar industries fail to pay attention to women's advancement and job satisfaction...but they still put Sydney Anglicans to shame!

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has released a report which highlights the gender inequality within the manufacturing industry. A new report reveals more than 70%of female manufacturing workers have never been promoted, highlighting the gender inequality within the manufacturing industry.
Like women within the Sydney Anglican Diocese, a large proportion of the manufacturing workers are women, who are unable to be promoted because women are seen as unsuitable for leadership positions. The Sydney Diocese actually campaigns against women in leadership positions...just incase the Anglican Church League misogynists lose their power base within the diocese.