Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Age reports... Sydney Anglicans pose a threat to Anglicanism

The Age newspaper reports that leading laywoman Muriel Porter believes that hard-line like Sydney Anglicans are a threat to the church in Australia and around the world. She claims they are reinforcing a narrow, sectarian understanding of what being an Anglican is, and a hard-line attitude to women's ordination, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage. They also downplay Holy Communion, and do not follow traditional worship or liturgy, she said.

Hmmm... maybe I should let the Anglican communion divide into evangelical fundamentalists and liberals...that way I might be able to save the church after the fundies and the atheists destroy each other! It's a way for the public to realise that not all Christians are hate loving bigots who fear modern society and change!

Hey Rowan, did you see Moore College's utube clip on how Sydney Anglicans didn't start the fire? Yep it was Nero's fault but he used them as scapegoats! I hope my utube clip about how Sydney Anglicans started the Gafcon blaze is a hit!

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