Sunday, September 4, 2011

Armenians use same tactics as Anglicans to keep gays closeted

Now that homosexuality has been decriminalised in Armenia, Armenian police are utilising some right wing Anglicans tactics to control gays. The police have realised that physical violence is no longer approved of so, they are resorting to the use of shame, and threats of exposing their sexual orientation to family, friends and bigots in in rural areas and in the military.
Armenia, like the Anglican Church has no laws protecting people from discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.

Personally I prefer blackmail!

The best tactic for me is coersion? I love lawyers! God help us if the church sees gays fit to be Anglicans ...because we'll never control people in the church without making them feel bad about sex!

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  1. Mr Jensen compares the Bishop of New Hampshire with a man who visits a prostitute! Phillip Jensen is just a silly old tart.