Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rubbing salt into the wound of same-sex marriage

Lot! What were you thinking... sacrificing our daughters to protect your mates! You are just like those fundamentalist Christians who preach "Equal but Different". The different bit is always about being subjucated to the whims of men... ie keeping women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen!

The Christian group known as the Salt Shakers held a Marriage Day rally. According to the Sydney Star Observer, the Salt Shakers weren't to taken with some of their allies who spoke at the rally! They wrote in newsletters following their Marriage Day rally that...

The inclusion of a message from a Muslim imam, who praised marriage and the family, was problematic because Islam allows a man to have four wives.

The appointment of a Mormon couple as ‘marriage ambassadors’ was also a great concern — one reason being Mormonism’s past views on polygamy

Some other fine quotes from the Salt Shakers include:

As more and more people, churches, and even denominations, fear man more than they fear God, the church becomes more like the world and Scripture is compromised for the sake of ‘peace’ and a desire to be ‘nice’ … Sadly, today the church won’t drive out anyone — instead we placate those defiling His laws, His values and His Creation order

The Salt Shakers have asked supporters to pray that Jesus visits Christians who tolerate members of the LGBTI community so he can ask them “Why are you persecuting me by endorsing sin?”

The Salt Shakers believe that gays and lesbians who remain celibate are as unacceptable as those who acted on their attractions, and asked supporters to pray “against the legalisation of same-sex relationships”.

And aren't these Salt Shakers comedians? We're all so lucky Jesus died for their sins, so they can continue to spread hatred and force their exclusive definition of marriage down the throats of the broader community! We all know it hasn't been too succesful to date!
Yes Jim, what is all that 'Equal but Different' Biblical Manhood and Womanhood shit? I mean it sounds like that whole apartheid 'Separate but Equal' ideology aka as prejudice and discrimination.

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