Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Christian in UK sends death threats by email to the head of LGBT rights organisation.

A Christian man who threatened to kill the head of Britain’s largest LGBT rights organisation, Stonewall, has been given a suspended sentence. Anthony Ryan was found guilty of making threats to kill and was sentenced to eight months imprisonment.The threatening email is as follows:
With regard to the recent so-called victory that evil sexual weirdos Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall had against decent law-abiding B&B owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull. It is my duty to inform your evil organisation that, despite what the government says, according to the holy Christian Bible, homosexuality is in fact illegal… I have therefore decided to embark upon a campaign of terror against you Chief Executive Dame Ben Summerskill and all those that seek to support the so-called human rights of the Homosexual community… It is going to give me great pleasure to put a bullet in the head of Dame Ben Summerskill, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall and any other homosexual vermin that I have the misfortune to come across… I suggest that the people mentioned in this email and indeed all evil biggoted [sic] Homosexual scum start making their funeral arrangements.

Did Anthony Ryan post his signature on the Anglican Mainstream petition?
He's probably a member of GAFCON and aligned with US evangelicals in their hatred of gays!

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