Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sydney Anglican, Andrew Cameron moans when prejudical evangelism is on the other foot!

Sydney Anglican, Andrew Cameron complains that the ABC's ‘Pitch’ stirs up fear and prejudice, makes you bitter, and is best avoided... and that's what most people say about Sydney Anglicanism, which thrives on misogyny, homophobia and calling people who disagree with its fundamentalism, heretics!
Cameron goes on to complain that the ABC dared to refer to witch burning, and the social conflict attached to religion. Once, Cameron did hit the mark, when he said that there was... Not a hint that a religion’s founder (e.g. Jesus) might be vastly more hostile than your average Aussie to religion’s failures.
Anything I say just falls on deaf ears because Sydney Anglicans don't respect the Holy Spirit! I'm sure Jesus would have to change their water into wine or walk across their swimming pools before they'd take notice!
Cameron resented that the ABC's "Pitch" was evangelism for the new atheism, and not the usual evangelism aimed at discrediting women, LGBT people and inclusive Christians. Slander such as calling people heretics, insubordinate and sexually broken is far more appropriate than referring to religious people as having imaginary friends who tell them to hate, and go forth and propagate that hate!
It's disgusting that the ABC’s interpretation of its chartered mandate is to reflect the cultural diversity of the Australian community. Everyone knows that the ABC should be spreading Sydney Anglican prejudices... because God gave us the chartered mandate to be offensive!

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