Friday, September 2, 2011

Phillip Jensen says all boys like to play's all about being Complementarian

Phillip Jensen says it's difficult being on a P&C as a right wing evangelical sexist extremist, because other parents think that you are a "nut job"... especially when you tell them that they can't have fund raising raffles! As we all know, Phillip Jensen has clear double standards on's OK to be a Sydney Anglican and gamble (and lose) other people's money on the stock market, and as a Sydney Anglican you can rent your building out to Racing NSW... but you can't hold a raffle or use a chocolate wheel at a fete because it is a sin!
People also think you are a nut job when as a member of the P&C, you bring to public education the extreme evangelical view of gender stereotyping. Phillip believes that all primary school age boys like to play football and all primary school age girls don't! Phillip goes onto discuss Complementarianism... But it is still true that boys are different to girls. God did not make us as hermaphrodites, but as males and females (Genesis 1:26-28). And the differences between the sexes are more profound than those needed simply for procreation.
My attempts to speak out against those policies and the feminization of our local public school fell on deaf ears... But our school was spared the worst of these politically correct ideologies by the competing political correctness of multi-culturalism.

I played Rugby League so I must be a Complementarian!

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