Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Peter Jensen proved atheists are right, when using his IQ and literal interpretation of the Bible

The IQ2 debate last night on "Atheists are wrong'', saw two-thirds of the audience vote in favour of the atheists. That's probably because Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen was first speaker for the affirmative!

No! The IQ debate did not involve financial intelligence... then the Affirmative, led by Archbishop Peter Jensen would have got NO votes!

Dr Jensen said atheists turn a world charged with grandeur into grey on grey. In Dr Jensen's world, grey on grey is only for LGBT people and women! Ms Caro argued for the negative, that all gods and religions were man-made due to their treatment of women. She said ... In theocracies, we still watch gods deny women and girls the right to work, travel, drive, get access to healthcare or even walk the streets unaccompanied,' she said.
I told Peter Jensen that having Sydney Anglican women in the audience was not good for the affirmative...but I think he really lost the plot when he said original sin makes Christians do some terrible things! Obviously the bigotry of Sydney Anglicans traces back to original sin.

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