Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reasons why young people leave the church

A five year study by the Barna Group listed some significant reasons why young people leave the church. They include:
1. Christians demonize everything outside of the church most of the time
2. The church ignores real-world problems
3. The church was too concerned about the negative impact of movies, music and video games.
4. Their experience of Christianity was shallow.
5. Church is boring
6. God appeared to be missing from their experience of church.
7. Churches appear to be against science
8. Christians are too confident they know all the answers
9. Churches are too simple or too judgmental when it comes to issues of sexuality
10.Church's teachings on birth control and sex are out of date
11.Christianity is too exclusive
12. Churches are afraid of the beliefs of other faiths and this makes young people feel that they have to choose between their friends and their faith.
13. The church is unfriendly to those who doubt or question

Isn't it a shame hard-nosed 16th Century loving fundamentalists are destroying Christianity? Where are the loving Christians who set a good example through love, kindness and compassion? Are they being admonished by hardline puritans?

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