Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Southern Baptists seek a name change to camoflague past associations with bigotry! They could opt for the name Sydney Anglicans... it works for them!

A respectable name will get rid of racist tag and free me up to hunt down gays and feminists, so I can defend marriage and save society ... just like I did when I wanted to prevent African Americans from gaining equality! I want to be like Sydney Anglicans who are ideologically aligned with Southern Baptists but benefit from the user friendly Anglican brand name!

Southern Baptists are starting a debate on a name change. It comes at a time when Southern Baptist baptisms are at the lowest in decades. Some Baptists are concerned that denomination's name poses some barriers, especially in church planting efforts in North America, where Southern Baptists like Albert Mohler want to spread homophobia and misogyny aka complementarianism. One Baptist said... We were established as an association of churches that would appoint slaveholders as missionaries. There is so much to celebrate in the heritage of our beloved denomination, but there is also a deep stain that is associated with slavery, the nation’s sectional division prior to and during the Civil War, and the legacy of racism.

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