Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sydney Anglicans make it enticing to be Queer by Choice and not by Chance!

Sydney Anglicans have trawled the internet trying to find an article to justify their homophobia. The best they could do was post an article under their 'breaking news' section, critiquing Lady Gaga's song, 'Born This Way'. The headline reads Queer by Choice, Not by Chance: Against Being 'Born This Way'
The article is an opinion piece, which states that the author has chosen to live in a same-sex relationship, and all because she loves and finds sex better with a woman. Now by Sydney Anglican standards, same-sex relationships are to be condemned... but a woman being liberated, let alone talking about and enjoying sex, is the ultimate sin! Every Calvinist knows that a woman is only on this planet to please the Calvinist male within the home and church...even if the man is same-sex attracted!

Dot, what's the world coming to when women expect to have orgasms, and you can't use the word 'queer' to evoke shame!

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