Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michael Jensen runs to support homophobia and misogyny at Moore College

Since the Global Financial Crisis aka Sydney Anglican's gambling blunder, Moore College lecturers such as Michael Jensen have to run for their supper! Moore College is vital to the world's evangelical community because it promotes misogyny (aka Complementarianism) and homophobia throughout the world.
I hear that they are removing my name for dates BC and AD. Some say it's an act of Christian cleansing. I'll have to have a word with Peter Jensen and Fred Nile and tell them not to be too upset because I know personally that they are accustomed to cleansing, and I'm waiting for a time when BB and AB are used to represent time... Before Bigotry and After Bigotry. I hope Anglican Mainstream doesn't see me with a sheep... they might call me a homosexual!

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