Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Justice Michael Kirby speaks about same-sex marriage and equal rights at the Sydney Opera House 'Festival of Dangerous Ideas'

Justice Michael Kirby is to tackle a record number of dangerous ideas including: gay rights and same-sex marriage; animal welfare and ending the beastly treatment of sentient beings; the Northern Territory Intervention; our ineffective laws on drugs, sex work and sexuality; and, finally, whether constitutional monarchy, with an absent monarch is the most harmless system of government yet devised. Are these ideas paradoxical or do they all fit together?

Yes...Justice Kirby is the Judge who said that he was gay and Anglican, and a high profile Sydney Anglican minister let him know in no uncertain terms that if he was gay he couldn't be Anglican! He was told that there is a way to be saved, so he can enter Sydney's kingdom of chosen bigots... and that's just give Haydn Sennit a call at Sydney Anglican's Liberty Christian Ministries Inc!

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