Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Alan Jones a misogynist or a Complementarian?

Alan Jones seems to say some inappropriate things to some women. He seems to take offence to women questioning him or keeping him waiting. He has even threatened to put our Australian Prime Minister into a chaff bag and throw her out to sea!
Well he can't be a misogynist because he's always nice to me when I agree with him. All that yelling at women must make him a Complementarian. He's just expecting the subservience that he deserves from Australia's elected Prime Minister.
I do hope Alan stops those horrible homosexuals from ruining marriage. I said to him this morning...I said Alan we people of Tamworth are Mr and Mrs you know.

Wrong! Wrong! I'm never wrong... Uhhhmmm well almost never!

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  1. Calamity, Alan Jones is a raging Queen and everyone knows it... pity he isn't willing to show that side of himself in public...