Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Haydn Sennit experiences a gamut of emotions in his new job at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc

Haydn Sennit is feeling despair after only four months into his new job at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc.
He says when working with sexual brokenness, there are so many moments of:
1. disappointment, as people come to me asking (on the outside) for help but not wanting to change and face the hard decisions;
2. outright horror, outrage, and disgust when Christians publicly endorse gay relationships like this individual. Haydn says A Spirit-lead person would not say something like this
3. frustration, as people start the good fight but don’t finish it
4. vulnerable as people dump their anger, hurts, and bile onto me
5. weary, as I give and invest in others and see little fruit
6. under attack, as enemies mock me
7. betrayed, as people desert me (and Liberty) or those who claim to be our supporters are conversing with unhealthy voices and privately harbouring beliefs that are at odds with our own
8. loneliness as others distance themselves from me out of self-protection and fear of expressing solidarity with me
9. battle-weary, as I fight and fight, even with God’s help, with little fruit to see
10. confused as to how divisive this kind of ministry is: it wins very few allies and lots of enemies.

Haydn, you left out used by Sydney Anglican bigots, and ashamed for punishing LGBT people for a sexual orientation you know exists!

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  1. Poor Haydn! He still can't work out why he's so miserable. It is time he flung off the shackles of Jensenism with gay abandon.