Friday, September 30, 2011

Australians say "I DO" to marriage equality!

Julie McCrossin talks about the pride she feels about having 53% of her fellow Christians supporting her right to marry her partner.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Haydn Sennit experiences a gamut of emotions in his new job at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc

Haydn Sennit is feeling despair after only four months into his new job at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc.
He says when working with sexual brokenness, there are so many moments of:
1. disappointment, as people come to me asking (on the outside) for help but not wanting to change and face the hard decisions;
2. outright horror, outrage, and disgust when Christians publicly endorse gay relationships like this individual. Haydn says A Spirit-lead person would not say something like this
3. frustration, as people start the good fight but don’t finish it
4. vulnerable as people dump their anger, hurts, and bile onto me
5. weary, as I give and invest in others and see little fruit
6. under attack, as enemies mock me
7. betrayed, as people desert me (and Liberty) or those who claim to be our supporters are conversing with unhealthy voices and privately harbouring beliefs that are at odds with our own
8. loneliness as others distance themselves from me out of self-protection and fear of expressing solidarity with me
9. battle-weary, as I fight and fight, even with God’s help, with little fruit to see
10. confused as to how divisive this kind of ministry is: it wins very few allies and lots of enemies.

Haydn, you left out used by Sydney Anglican bigots, and ashamed for punishing LGBT people for a sexual orientation you know exists!

Rowan Atkinson offends some clergy by calling them smug and arrogant... and he hasn't even met the Jensens!

Rowan Atkinson has been quoted to have said... so many of the clerics that I've met, particularly the Church of England clerics, are people of such extraordinary smugness and arrogance and conceitedness who are extraordinarily presumptuous about the significance of their position in society.

(left)Rowan Atkinson impersonating Archbishop Jensen

(Right) Rowan Atkinson impersonating a Moore College lecturer.

The Age reports... Sydney Anglicans pose a threat to Anglicanism

The Age newspaper reports that leading laywoman Muriel Porter believes that hard-line like Sydney Anglicans are a threat to the church in Australia and around the world. She claims they are reinforcing a narrow, sectarian understanding of what being an Anglican is, and a hard-line attitude to women's ordination, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage. They also downplay Holy Communion, and do not follow traditional worship or liturgy, she said.

Hmmm... maybe I should let the Anglican communion divide into evangelical fundamentalists and liberals...that way I might be able to save the church after the fundies and the atheists destroy each other! It's a way for the public to realise that not all Christians are hate loving bigots who fear modern society and change!

Hey Rowan, did you see Moore College's utube clip on how Sydney Anglicans didn't start the fire? Yep it was Nero's fault but he used them as scapegoats! I hope my utube clip about how Sydney Anglicans started the Gafcon blaze is a hit!

Reasons why young people leave the church

A five year study by the Barna Group listed some significant reasons why young people leave the church. They include:
1. Christians demonize everything outside of the church most of the time
2. The church ignores real-world problems
3. The church was too concerned about the negative impact of movies, music and video games.
4. Their experience of Christianity was shallow.
5. Church is boring
6. God appeared to be missing from their experience of church.
7. Churches appear to be against science
8. Christians are too confident they know all the answers
9. Churches are too simple or too judgmental when it comes to issues of sexuality
10.Church's teachings on birth control and sex are out of date
11.Christianity is too exclusive
12. Churches are afraid of the beliefs of other faiths and this makes young people feel that they have to choose between their friends and their faith.
13. The church is unfriendly to those who doubt or question

Isn't it a shame hard-nosed 16th Century loving fundamentalists are destroying Christianity? Where are the loving Christians who set a good example through love, kindness and compassion? Are they being admonished by hardline puritans?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali joins fellow evangelists in turning away crowds and increasing race riots during the London Olympics!

Christian leaders have today unveiled plans for a major evangelistic initiative in London. London 2013 is to build on the outreach work carried out during the 2012 Olympics by the More Than Gold church coalition. Hopeful of a worldwide Billy Graham revival, organisers have planned to use Billy's son Franklin Graham, to spark his father's DNA revival! London 2013 organisers are teaming up with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to get the capital-wide venture off the ground.
Will Graham, Billy Graham's grandson, was at the launch of London 2013 in Westminster to show his support. Other leaders at the launch included the Peace Alliance's Nims Obunge, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Andy Frost of Share Jesus International, Global Day of Prayer London convener Jonathan Oloyede and Christianity Explored co-author Rico Tice.

Sounds like that Passion for Life campaign! If the Graham DNA doesn't work then there's always the Jensen DNA... that is sure to incite hatred! I wonder what printing company secures the rites to the publication of resources?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogger Kevin likens Anglican Church policy to the old policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell' in the armed forces!

The Huffington Post reports that just as the formal repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy took effect, Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his partner were married before a small group of family and friends. The two men have been together for 11 years. Ross said he plans on having a full career in the military. "We're thrilled the policy is gone," he said of his and Swezy's reaction to the end of "don't ask, don't tell." Pentagon press secretary George Little said Monday that the military is prepared for the end of "don't ask, don't tell," a practice adopted in 1993 that allowed gays to serve as long as they did not openly acknowledge their sexual orientation. Commanders were not allowed to ask. Last week, the Pentagon said 97 percent of the military has undergone training in the new law.

Unlike the military, The Sydney Anglican diocese continues with it's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy towards LGBTIQ people, and encourages the application of this policy throughout the wider Anglican community. The Age newspaper reporter states...Sydney Anglican, Bishop Robert Forsyth barely blinks when I report that lesbians in large numbers are working for Anglicare. Forsyth, who was on the board of his church's mighty welfare arm for many years, insists this is news from the blue: ''It was never discussed. Ever."
Kelvin makes a good point on his blog... Well, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy is similar (though not identical) to the situation for many gay clergy. To be blunt, you get rewarded for staying in the closet. Come out and you don’t know what will happen to you. Come out and you could be removed from your post by your bishop. Or the next bishop who comes along. Or the Vestry might make life impossible because there are no established guidelines to stop them. Come out about your relationship and you don’t know where you are in the morass of ethics and values regarding who you can live with and what are the rules.

So the Anglican church knows that a small percentage of the population are gay, but they are not prepared to public acknowledge it! Instead they promote a policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell... that way they can protect gays from prejudical behaviour because if they do come out it is mandatory that the church does discriminate against them!

Justice Michael Kirby speaks about same-sex marriage and equal rights at the Sydney Opera House 'Festival of Dangerous Ideas'

Justice Michael Kirby is to tackle a record number of dangerous ideas including: gay rights and same-sex marriage; animal welfare and ending the beastly treatment of sentient beings; the Northern Territory Intervention; our ineffective laws on drugs, sex work and sexuality; and, finally, whether constitutional monarchy, with an absent monarch is the most harmless system of government yet devised. Are these ideas paradoxical or do they all fit together?

Yes...Justice Kirby is the Judge who said that he was gay and Anglican, and a high profile Sydney Anglican minister let him know in no uncertain terms that if he was gay he couldn't be Anglican! He was told that there is a way to be saved, so he can enter Sydney's kingdom of chosen bigots... and that's just give Haydn Sennit a call at Sydney Anglican's Liberty Christian Ministries Inc!

Southern Baptists seek a name change to camoflague past associations with bigotry! They could opt for the name Sydney Anglicans... it works for them!

A respectable name will get rid of racist tag and free me up to hunt down gays and feminists, so I can defend marriage and save society ... just like I did when I wanted to prevent African Americans from gaining equality! I want to be like Sydney Anglicans who are ideologically aligned with Southern Baptists but benefit from the user friendly Anglican brand name!

Southern Baptists are starting a debate on a name change. It comes at a time when Southern Baptist baptisms are at the lowest in decades. Some Baptists are concerned that denomination's name poses some barriers, especially in church planting efforts in North America, where Southern Baptists like Albert Mohler want to spread homophobia and misogyny aka complementarianism. One Baptist said... We were established as an association of churches that would appoint slaveholders as missionaries. There is so much to celebrate in the heritage of our beloved denomination, but there is also a deep stain that is associated with slavery, the nation’s sectional division prior to and during the Civil War, and the legacy of racism.

Lisa Nolland rears her head in Northern Island to explain her sexual orientation minorities!

Lisa Nolland will visit Ireland with Chris Sugden to speak about polyamory, kink, minor attracted people and pansexuality. Lisa will provide explicit visual material to stimulate the audience.

Will she be playing Bareback Mountain again so she can imply that homosexuals like having sex with horses?
She probably doesn't have to because she's got that Dale Kuehne to put down gays. He's the guy who went to Australia to help the Australian Christian Lobby defend marriage from same-sex attracted people

Boys...who'd have thought Sydney Anglicans would have been into KINK

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sydney Anglicans make it enticing to be Queer by Choice and not by Chance!

Sydney Anglicans have trawled the internet trying to find an article to justify their homophobia. The best they could do was post an article under their 'breaking news' section, critiquing Lady Gaga's song, 'Born This Way'. The headline reads Queer by Choice, Not by Chance: Against Being 'Born This Way'
The article is an opinion piece, which states that the author has chosen to live in a same-sex relationship, and all because she loves and finds sex better with a woman. Now by Sydney Anglican standards, same-sex relationships are to be condemned... but a woman being liberated, let alone talking about and enjoying sex, is the ultimate sin! Every Calvinist knows that a woman is only on this planet to please the Calvinist male within the home and church...even if the man is same-sex attracted!

Dot, what's the world coming to when women expect to have orgasms, and you can't use the word 'queer' to evoke shame!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Australian Anglicans are 'coming of age' by organising their own 'Changing Attitude' organisation that focuses on the inclusion of LGBT people!

Australia now has it's own organisation called Changing Attitude Australia Inc which aims to promote the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in the life of the Anglican Church.
If you want to become a member...then join here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Does the Ugley Vicar realise that fundamentalist churches are the last place where misogynists and homophobes can hide in western society ?

John Richardson critiques Muriel Porter's book Sydney Anglicans and the Threat to World Anglicanism by saying that Muriel has had a life long dislike for Sydney Anglicans and people by the name of Jensen. What John fails to realise, or chooses to turn a blind eye to, is that Muriel is providing a universal voice for all those who dislike the total lack of respect, heavy handed tactics and toxic bigotry, that is home grown in Sydney and exported further afield. I mean where in the world would you find a family able to hi-jack a people's church? Where in the world would you find a church being forced to buy resources from the family's own publishing company?
I don't know... it sounds like keeping it all in the family is a good plan to me! The Ugley Vicar doesn't like women clergy so bonds with like minded misogynists .Good business strategy. But I must admit John's thinking is seriously flawed when he critiques Muriel ...
‘An Australian church without Sydney, I believe, would have released enormous energy for growth and renewal in the rest of the dioceses ...’ (p48). In the final chapter she hopes that the ‘End’ of the Sydney ‘Experiment’ will bring ‘... a more reasonable, generous, kindly form of Anglicanism’. Yet by her own admission, in the midst of a deeply secular and irreligious culture, Sydney Anglicanism succeeds where other Australian dioceses fail.
John you know as well as I do, that any family who inherits vast wealth is advantaged. What other diocese had enough money to invest $260 million on the stock exchange... so you would expect the diocese to be in a position to develop resources and recruitment programs far in excess of the average diocese with very little money! I'm glad they didn't waste the funds on the poor! But John...I'm sure a woman archbishop would have been far more financially competent!

Finally, Jesus has being liberated from the fundamentalist's interpretation of the Bible.

People in the US are starting to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus instead of the adopting the maligned viewpoint of bigoted preachers! It appears that more people claim they have accepted Jesus as their savior and expect to go to heaven but do not attend religious institutions.
It seems that the new kind of Jesus follower sees value in other religions and uses this as a bridge between cultures. One woman said I know many Christians like me who keep the Bible's social teachings and who care for the earth and for each other.

Nothing but a bunch of heretics Bert!

Yes Merv... but we don't want heaven crowded with riff-raff! Merv do you think there really are celestial virgins...of the female persuasion of course?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rubbing salt into the wound of same-sex marriage

Lot! What were you thinking... sacrificing our daughters to protect your mates! You are just like those fundamentalist Christians who preach "Equal but Different". The different bit is always about being subjucated to the whims of men... ie keeping women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen!

The Christian group known as the Salt Shakers held a Marriage Day rally. According to the Sydney Star Observer, the Salt Shakers weren't to taken with some of their allies who spoke at the rally! They wrote in newsletters following their Marriage Day rally that...

The inclusion of a message from a Muslim imam, who praised marriage and the family, was problematic because Islam allows a man to have four wives.

The appointment of a Mormon couple as ‘marriage ambassadors’ was also a great concern — one reason being Mormonism’s past views on polygamy

Some other fine quotes from the Salt Shakers include:

As more and more people, churches, and even denominations, fear man more than they fear God, the church becomes more like the world and Scripture is compromised for the sake of ‘peace’ and a desire to be ‘nice’ … Sadly, today the church won’t drive out anyone — instead we placate those defiling His laws, His values and His Creation order

The Salt Shakers have asked supporters to pray that Jesus visits Christians who tolerate members of the LGBTI community so he can ask them “Why are you persecuting me by endorsing sin?”

The Salt Shakers believe that gays and lesbians who remain celibate are as unacceptable as those who acted on their attractions, and asked supporters to pray “against the legalisation of same-sex relationships”.

And aren't these Salt Shakers comedians? We're all so lucky Jesus died for their sins, so they can continue to spread hatred and force their exclusive definition of marriage down the throats of the broader community! We all know it hasn't been too succesful to date!
Yes Jim, what is all that 'Equal but Different' Biblical Manhood and Womanhood shit? I mean it sounds like that whole apartheid 'Separate but Equal' ideology aka as prejudice and discrimination.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Christian in UK sends death threats by email to the head of LGBT rights organisation.

A Christian man who threatened to kill the head of Britain’s largest LGBT rights organisation, Stonewall, has been given a suspended sentence. Anthony Ryan was found guilty of making threats to kill and was sentenced to eight months imprisonment.The threatening email is as follows:
With regard to the recent so-called victory that evil sexual weirdos Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall had against decent law-abiding B&B owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull. It is my duty to inform your evil organisation that, despite what the government says, according to the holy Christian Bible, homosexuality is in fact illegal… I have therefore decided to embark upon a campaign of terror against you Chief Executive Dame Ben Summerskill and all those that seek to support the so-called human rights of the Homosexual community… It is going to give me great pleasure to put a bullet in the head of Dame Ben Summerskill, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall and any other homosexual vermin that I have the misfortune to come across… I suggest that the people mentioned in this email and indeed all evil biggoted [sic] Homosexual scum start making their funeral arrangements.

Did Anthony Ryan post his signature on the Anglican Mainstream petition?
He's probably a member of GAFCON and aligned with US evangelicals in their hatred of gays!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Phillip Jensen uses the tragedy of 9/11 to persecute atheists

Phillip Jensen used the SBS show, which recounted the disaster of September 11 to condemn atheists. He said that those who had gone through that terrible disaster learnt sobering lessons, like evaluating life and priorities. Jensen goes onto say that ...For many atheists, the problem of suffering, especially unjust suffering, is the greatest argument against the existence of God...
Herein lies the problem for the atheist. For without the Biblical God there is no basis for complaint that things are unjust or evil... In this atheistic framework, the ‘evil’ of the terrorists whose hatred led them to die killing strangers was no different to the ‘good’ of the firemen whose love led them to die trying to save strangers; “there is…no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”
Phillip continues... In contrast, the Christian can name evil for what it is and be appalled that in God’s world there should be such suffering and pain. The Christian mind can wrestle with the moral order of the universe that is so awry as to see thousands of ‘innocent’ people die in a few moments of dreadful agony. For us, it is not simply a matter of the random chance of a pitiless, impersonal universe and the survival of the fittest. It is not surprising then that we find atheists, not in the troubled and painful life of poverty and difficulty, but in the wealthy societies of pleasure seeking ease. This is just as Jesus predicted: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:17).

So is Phillip saying that all the victims, relatives of victims and rescue workers who were atheists couldn't tell the difference between good and bad, humane and inhumane, peace and terrorism, and all because they did not believe in a fundamentalist God that declares people good or evil? Next he'll be saying atheists flew the planes into the Twin Towers or planted bombs in the buildings, whilst sipping a latte in an upmarket Bellevue Hill cafe.

Rowan Williams was in New York at the time of the tragedy, and he shows why he is the head of the Anglican Church and not Phillip Jensen, eventhough Phillip and his colleagues would like to steal it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sydney Anglican, Andrew Cameron moans when prejudical evangelism is on the other foot!

Sydney Anglican, Andrew Cameron complains that the ABC's ‘Pitch’ stirs up fear and prejudice, makes you bitter, and is best avoided... and that's what most people say about Sydney Anglicanism, which thrives on misogyny, homophobia and calling people who disagree with its fundamentalism, heretics!
Cameron goes on to complain that the ABC dared to refer to witch burning, and the social conflict attached to religion. Once, Cameron did hit the mark, when he said that there was... Not a hint that a religion’s founder (e.g. Jesus) might be vastly more hostile than your average Aussie to religion’s failures.
Anything I say just falls on deaf ears because Sydney Anglicans don't respect the Holy Spirit! I'm sure Jesus would have to change their water into wine or walk across their swimming pools before they'd take notice!
Cameron resented that the ABC's "Pitch" was evangelism for the new atheism, and not the usual evangelism aimed at discrediting women, LGBT people and inclusive Christians. Slander such as calling people heretics, insubordinate and sexually broken is far more appropriate than referring to religious people as having imaginary friends who tell them to hate, and go forth and propagate that hate!
It's disgusting that the ABC’s interpretation of its chartered mandate is to reflect the cultural diversity of the Australian community. Everyone knows that the ABC should be spreading Sydney Anglican prejudices... because God gave us the chartered mandate to be offensive!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Will Peter Jensen be involved in the next Intelligence2 debate titled "The media has no morals"

Morals would have to be limited to believing in homophobia, misogyny, Christian elitism; constantly talking about sex and sin; employing scapegoats; implementing covert strategies to get rid of dissenters; and opposing the advancement of ethical practices.

So Peter Jensen would be arguing that the Media has exemplary morals ?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Peter Jensen proved atheists are right, when using his IQ and literal interpretation of the Bible

The IQ2 debate last night on "Atheists are wrong'', saw two-thirds of the audience vote in favour of the atheists. That's probably because Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen was first speaker for the affirmative!

No! The IQ debate did not involve financial intelligence... then the Affirmative, led by Archbishop Peter Jensen would have got NO votes!

Dr Jensen said atheists turn a world charged with grandeur into grey on grey. In Dr Jensen's world, grey on grey is only for LGBT people and women! Ms Caro argued for the negative, that all gods and religions were man-made due to their treatment of women. She said ... In theocracies, we still watch gods deny women and girls the right to work, travel, drive, get access to healthcare or even walk the streets unaccompanied,' she said.
I told Peter Jensen that having Sydney Anglican women in the audience was not good for the affirmative...but I think he really lost the plot when he said original sin makes Christians do some terrible things! Obviously the bigotry of Sydney Anglicans traces back to original sin.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Michael Jensen turns the tables when he answers the $260 million question... Are Sydney Anglicans really Anglican?

Michael Jensen explains to himself and all his young followers the error of Muriel Porter's point of view,that Anglicanism in Sydney is unrecognisable.
Michael defends his cult by saying...
1.the view of Anglicanism which places Scripture as supreme authority and which has a flexible attitude to secondary matters - such as what garb the clergy wear - certainly has a good case to be considered as authentically Anglican.
2. The evangelical behaviours which have irritated non-evangelical Anglicans historically are magnified in the case of Sydney. The unusual dominance of evangelicals in the diocesan structure of Sydney diocese means that Sydney does look strange to Anglicans who are accustomed to liberal-Catholic hegemony - and ecclesiology - elsewhere. Liberal-Catholics expect to be in charge of things.
3. But they would be mistaken in calling evangelicalism "unAnglican," for the MODERATE CALVINIST EVANGELICAL OUTLOOK OF SYDNEY with its missionary activism and its biblicism and its emphasis on the atoning blood of Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for sins is utterly consistent with the evangelical Anglican tradition.

So is Michael saying that evangelicals are a product of oppression from within their church, so now they feel the need to become the oppressors...or is he saying that evangelicals have legitimacy within the Anglican Church but those who do not proclaim to be evangelicals (and don't just focus on literal scriptural interpretation in isolation)have no legitimacy?

You know, I quite like the comment made by GT at the end of Michael's opinion piece... I am a cradle Anglican (it was the C of E back then). I attend my local Anglican church every Sun. I'd consider it evangelical as would most of the other attendees. I was recently having a discussion with the rector whose credentials would probably be regarded as impeccably evangelical (outside of Sydney that is). He lamented to me "Why are evangelicals so ungracious?" I suspect as did he that it is the belief the "We and only we have the truth. All others are apostate." A friend of said rector has been in discussion with a Moore College figure and when he suggested that something put forward was an interesting opinion was told "No x you have opinions, we have the truth." Where on earth do we possibly go from there?

Michael...You wash your mouth out son! Don't refer to yourself as moderate! Your daddy and your Uncle Phillip worked hard for you to be accepted by US Baptists!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Armenians use same tactics as Anglicans to keep gays closeted

Now that homosexuality has been decriminalised in Armenia, Armenian police are utilising some right wing Anglicans tactics to control gays. The police have realised that physical violence is no longer approved of so, they are resorting to the use of shame, and threats of exposing their sexual orientation to family, friends and bigots in in rural areas and in the military.
Armenia, like the Anglican Church has no laws protecting people from discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.

Personally I prefer blackmail!

The best tactic for me is coersion? I love lawyers! God help us if the church sees gays fit to be Anglicans ...because we'll never control people in the church without making them feel bad about sex!