Friday, November 18, 2011

Anglican Mainstream defines secular humanists as the extreme right !!!!

Seriously... does anyone have a mirror?
What...Dr Sookhdeo said that Britain and Europe, owing to the rise of secular humanism, were without a moral and spiritual rudder, and this is leading to the rise of extremism...this is disgraceful because the extreme right position belongs to Christian bigots!

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  1. My favorite part (in a quite unattractive to me way) is that these cowards,greedsters, bigots, exploiters and thieves DON´T EVEN KNOW they are cowards, greedsters, bigots, exploiters and thieves (and I might add simpleton agents direct from Hell)! Sure, I think it´s funny that hypocrites roam the Earth pontificating about the ¨sins¨ of others...I always noticed (even as a kid the absurdity of the ¨puritan¨ all)! Leonardo Ricardo