Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Haydn Sennitt helps sell snake oil support for same-sex marriage grows!

Sydney Anglican Haydn Sennitt, and his 'post - gay' travelling roadshow travelled as far as Port Macquarie to peddle his 'post-gay' wares. We all know that homophobia, like illegal immigrants, is a sure fire conservative strategy,used in whipping up support for right wing policies... and there's nothing like a touch of Sydney Anglican bigotry, to stir things up and create scapegoats for angry constituents.
Similar political ploys are being used in other parts of the world, as reported by Anglican Mainstream, who described NARTH as the prestigious American National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexulity. The article states that...NARTH challenged the powerful pro-gay American Psychological Association, asserting that homosexuals have a greater prevalence of pathology characterised by suicidal risk-taking in unprotected sex, violence, anti-social behaviour, substance abuse, suicidality, promiscuity, paraphilias, pimping, sexual addiction, personality disorders and psychopathology...In the face of these devastating facts it is all the more remarkable that now all our political parties have signed up to promote and protect homosexual practices... Politicians that irrationally support an inherently unhealthy and demonstrably depressing sexual culture have become inextricably part of the problem. Evidence already suggests that the institution of marriage will be grievously harmed, and with it the inner contentment, health and happiness of future generations...Those wishing to restrain the continued creeping insidious consequences of homosexuality need to find new ways of doing so, otherwise we all stand in peril!

So Ennis, that big whooping I got in high school wasn't really about saving my soul at was all about preserving the
sanctity of marriage?

Well Jack the church owns marriage and it's doing such a fine job with it that we can't let same-sex marriage affect the trend! With all that preaching experience under his belt, Archbishop Jensen might set about ordaining Haydn.

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