Monday, November 14, 2011

Reports state that Melbourne is at war with the diocese of Mordor...but ex - principal and orc of Ridley College, defends the Dark Lord!

Anglican Mainstream has posted an article by a Melbourne evangelical, who encapsulates the truth with one quote... To attribute all the evil to the Diocese of Sydney is ridiculous, and ignores the presence of many who hold similar views independently of Sydney in England and in many other places in the Anglican Communion, Melbourne included. Yes, Peter Adam shares the blame for evil, as the ex-principal of Ridley Evangelical College, a sister college to Moore College, Mordor.

Oh that sweet Peter Adam would make a glass eye weep with his support for the Dark Lord's complementarianism and homophobia... and where is Phillip anyway? I hope he's not off terrorising those poor people in the UK again! I mean they've had enough riots already!

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  1. There are many deranged evangelicals in England, writing mainly for Anglican Mainstream. But no one is as mad as the inhabitants of Mordor. It is SHOCKING that a fellow-Australian should attack the Jensens. That is the job of the rest of the world.