Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Michael Jensen says compassion is not enough...a cold heart is the key to real Christianity

Look Jesus...I'd like to help you but compassion is not enough!

Sydney Anglican,Michael Jensen, writes...Social transformation is only ever a stopgap solution...For former principal of Moore College Broughton Knox, ‘social justice’ was itself a questionable category. In an article entitled ‘Social Justice or Compassion’ he argued that ‘the teaching and actions of Jesus nowhere show a concern for ‘social justice’: The reason is that the call for social justice springs from envy rather than from compassion…

But Jesus ...compassion for another makes you want to carry their cross... and if we all carried the cross of the persecuted then there would no longer be persecution.
My child,you understand the true meaning of submission. Did you miss all those Phillip Jensen sermons? Now be careful my child... because that kind of thinking leads to peace and harmony, and evangelicals are about greed, dissention and maintaining the status quo ... that's why I advise you to remember...what the eye cannot see; the heart cannot feel.

Using big words, Michael Jensen likens Sydney Anglican Christianity to that preached by South African Bishop Frank Retief who says that the theology of eschatological deferment runs the risk of becoming unable to say anything about the presence of a real evil in the here and now.

Say Bert...do you think that article was about Michael justifying Sydney Anglicans homophobic biblical stance? Or was it all about religious freedom... you know Christians using the persecution of GLBT people, as a means of identifying themselves as Christians?

Hey Ernie...does religious liberty mean that Sydney Anglicans accept the concept of polygamy in other religions?

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