Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Will Australia copy the US and see Archbishop Pell welcome Sydney Calvinists into the Catholic Church?

George, I can cope with the polyester suits, the tambourines and guitars, the overhead projectors and the all day continuous Phillip Jensen sermons...but don't let them near the money!

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church will establish a body in January to house disaffected members of the Episcopal Church, beginning with a few dozen ministers and at least two congregations seeking communion, U.S. bishops were told on Tuesday.

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  1. Climate-change denier Mr Pell is almost as bonkers as the Jensen Family. However, he is not completely mad. Only a lunatic would allow a Sydney Calvinist to cross the Tiber. Mr Pete Jensen thinks he's the Pope already. Poor Herr Ratzinger would soon be pushed of his Throne.