Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What goes around comes around to conservative evangelicals who have persecuted GLBT people in the name of God

Anglican newspaper defends 'Gaystapo' article in the independent Church of England Newspaper where it compares gay rights campaigners to Nazis.

Iwonder if gays and lesbians in their senior years and those in Uganda, might see evangelicals as Nazis, when they were threatened with unemployment, and were called perverts and faggots ?


  1. These toads aren´t even cleaver bigots...they are simply fear/hatemongers who have little reason in their scrubbed empty brains...imagine having the likes of the Jensens breathing down anyones backs...the whole gaggle of religious persecutors of fellow Anglicans/others will continue to expose THEMSELVES for what they are...ignoramouses, or worse, at Church! Leonardo Ricardo

  2. Happily, there is only one Concentration Camp left on earth. It's known as Sydney Diocese.