Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christian Love

Stripped bare of all pride, not a garment nearby
My shame in full view as the Christians decried
That the love of one woman, for another, so cheap
Likened to porn, the embarrassment so deep

To escape from the taunts of the Jesus elect
And into the arms of the heresy sect
Alone and excluded from all that I knew
Nowhere God’s Grace for the unchosen few

The one that I loved could no longer withstand
The distain and rejection, the disapproving hand
So she married a man; he had an ecclesiastical past
That brought her good standing, finally, at last!

Left with such feelings of grief and despair
I, faulty by design, and in need of repair
Chose, to imprison myself, in a fortress so strong
Burying with me, the ugliness, that I had carried so long

Agnes Hart 2011

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